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Space 3ARTE is a cooperation of three recognized artists in their fields.

They decided to join forces as a mission to use the potentiality of the Como Lake's Real Estate (Villa, apartment with view on the lake, industry, etc.) to create and produce architecture, interiors, and objects characterized by an acute sense of details, craftsmanship, and intuition while retaining a feeling of warmth.

We love to work with tactile and raw materials including Art integration.


/ Albero delle Noci

Albero delle Noci is a bed and breakfast located on the Lake of Como.



/ European Net Zero Alliance

The cooperation between all energy related sectors, from production to end-users, is crucial to reach the EU’s objectives.

Working together, there is a better chance that the best policy and regulatory decisions will be made to secure a successful future for EU industries and citizens, as well as developing EU leadership on climate mitigating technologies and products.


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