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Space 3ARTE is a cooperation of three recognized artists in their fields.

They decided to join forces as a mission to use the potentiality of the Como Lake's Real Estate (Villa, apartment with view on the lake, industry, etc.) to create and produce architecture, interiors, and objects characterized by an acute sense of details, craftsmanship, and intuition while retaining a feeling of warmth.

We love to work with tactile and raw materials including Art integration.


/ Villa Artegiani

VILLA ARTEGIANI is a private artist residency dedicated to supporting

local and international creative spirits to transform the world.


/ Affordable Medicines Europe

In the Single Market parallel traders can buy pharmaceuticals in any EU/EEA country and then under strictly regulated conditions move medicines to the destination market, repackage them to comply with national legislation and linguistic needs, and sell them at a lower price than the standard local price, in competition with that same identical product sold by the manufacturer or its local licensee. This is possible because prices of individual drugs vary between Member States.


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