Internship - Project Manager

/ 1 year internship

Job purpose

The intern Project Manager [PM] will be responsible for the effective day-to-day management of AdGrafics Design Studio's design projects, including developing, implementing, monitoring, and reporting.

The PM will coordinate individuals and teams to develop, create, and deliver designs and communication for agencies, organizations, and corporations.


You will balance day-to-day project oversight with communications between sales, finance, and creative teams to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and according to client specifications.

The PM will consult directly with clients to determine which media outlets and strategies will provide an ideal balance of reach and cost.

Duties and responsabilities

The purpose of the PM will be to collaborate directly with multiple teams, excel at time and personnel management. Some of the most common tasks you will perform includes:

Team Coordination

The PM will be all about team coordination, specifically, between creative teams, sales departments, and finance departments. The PM need to effectively communicate with these teams to set priorities, ensure that project milestones and budget expectations are met, and determine team member expectations across departments. The PM may also communicate directly with executives to provide progress updates.

Client Communication

The PM is also tasked with client communications, from initial meetings to determine the scope of a project and a client’s needs and expectations to receiving client feedback on deliverables. This may involve developing and presenting client contracts, receiving feedback throughout the project, and providing updates. Additionally, the PM need to communicate with clients and internal teams as the scope of the project shifts.

Strategic Planning

The PM is a strategic thinker, able to understand a client’s desired outcomes and suggest media plans that will help the client capture market share. This role requires a keen understanding of a client’s industry and the ability to forecast the impact of marketing materials and communication materials. Additionally, the PM should have a solid grasp of the client’s competition and be able to identify opportunities to innovate.


Budget Oversight

The PM manage project budgets. They may work closely with financial personnel to determine staffing needs and expected timelines to provide clients with a realistic expectation of the costs associated with a project. The PM also seek ways to reduce costs while delivering a high level of client satisfaction and retention.


Time and Personnel Management


Throughout the project lifecycle, the PM oversee schedules and staff members, developing an initial project plan and timeline to ensure that team members understand the expectations. In addition, advertising project managers may identify areas where team members are needed to ensure that project milestones and deliverables are completed according to the schedule.


The PM skills and Qualifications

The PM balance direct oversight of ongoing projects with client communications, budgeting, and schedule management. The following skills are required:

  • Project management – to ensure that you can take an active leadership role in directing project development on a day-to-day basis

  • Personnel oversight – because you coordinate and direct the activities of cross-functional teams, it would be good that you have a firm grasp of personnel management principles and practices

  • Scheduling and planning – setting project schedules and timelines is a major part of the role, requiring attention to detail and the ability to plan multiple, concurrent projects

  • Financial planning – you should develop and oversee budgets to ensure profitability and keep projects on time and within budget

  • Written and verbal communication – you should frequently communicate with team members, clients, and executives




The PM skills and Qualifications

The PM will work remotely, along with:

  • Project management knowledge (Agile-SCRUM)

  • Design software (Adobe Creative Suite)

Languages required:

French, Dutch, English (mandatory)





Loves traveling

An open and social person


Let's bond and build together

Starting Date:

Spring 2020







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